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Manicurist vs. Nail Technician: What’s the Difference?

If you’re considering opening your own nail salon or just looking to freshen up your look, it is important to understand the difference between a manicurist and a nail technician. In today’s world of high-end spas, you will want to ensure that whoever you hire for job is properly credentialed and experienced in their field. From manicures and pedicures to acrylics and gel nails, several types of services are offered at every salon.

multi-color acrylic nails

Ways To Achieve The Perfect Multi-Color Mix Nail Design

Tired of the same old one-color mani? Ready to experiment with some fresh new looks for your nails? We’ve got you covered! With the perfect multi-color mix nail design, you can create stunningly unique manicures that will elevate any outfit. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry – we’ll give you all the tips and tricks needed to achieve this amazing effect on your next mani. Read on for ways to get creative with color and create an enviable multi-hue look!

manicure process

Tips For Giving Yourself A Salon-Quality Manicure At Home

No matter how frugal we might be, everyone dreams of having salon-quality manicures every now and again. But with busy schedules and tight budgets, it’s not always possible to take the time (and expense) to complete one professionally. Fortunately, it is very possible to give yourself a professional-looking mani right at home! With just a few simple tools and tips of the trade, you can create a mini spa retreat in the comfort of your living room. This blog post will share our top tips for giving yourself an amazing DIY manicure that looks just as good as if you had gone out and got pampered by a professional!

latest trend in nail art styles

Aura Nails Art: The Hottest New Trend in Nail Art

Are you a savvy fashionista who’s always on the lookout for the hot new trends before everyone else has caught up? Then you should consider making aura nails art your go-to look. Aura nails art is an innovative nail art technique that combines elements of classic and modern designs to create stunning looks with your manicures, pedicures, and acrylic sets. With so many unique options available, there’s something special to suit every taste–so whether you prefer simple elegance or bold graphics, no one will be able to tell which way your last paint job went as they marvel at these mesmerizing manis.

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