creating the perfect eyebrows

How To Use Brow Mapping To Get The Perfect Brows

Imagine having the perfect set of brows that frame your face and help to express all of your best features. With the popularization of microblading and other permanent makeup techniques, beautifully shaped brows are now more attainable than ever. One important part of achieving them: Brow mapping. Brow mapping is an essential step in eyebrow shaping because it helps determine which parts should be waxed or plucked, which shape looks natural on your brow bone structure, and how much hair needs to be worked with in order to get the desired look.

Ways to Never Wake Up With an Oily Face Again

Many of us have experienced dreaded morning alarm clashes with greasy or oily skin throughout the years. Whether you’re dealing with naturally greasy-prone skin or excessive shine caused by various environmental factors, kicking off your day with an overly shiny complexion can be a challenge and put a real damper on your self-esteem. If you’re looking for ways to get rid of an overly oily face for good, this blog post is for you!

keep your hands healthy

Protect Your Hands From Dryness This Winter With These Tips

Winter can be a harsh season on our skin, especially on hands. As the temperature drops and winds pick up, the cold weather and dry air can lead to chapped and dry hands. For many of us, this means finding creative ways to stay warm while also exhibiting effective care for hands to minimize cracking and damage throughout winter. So if you’re looking for some strategies to keep your hands healthy during this frigid time of year, read on-we have some great tips that’ll help protect your skin all winter long!

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