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Zombie Inspired Nail Designs for Halloween

01 Sep Designs & Art

For those of you who are fascinated by zombies and are fans of the hit TV-show “The Walking Dead”, how about creating some zombie inspired nail designs for this Halloween? There are plenty of nail art tutorials on the internet to get inspired from, but today, we’ve gathered 3 nail art tutorials that are not only frightening but also have a complex, yet easy to make design.

Blood splatter nail design

This nail art design is much easier than it actually looks. You can recreate this fun nail design with the help of some basic items that you already have in your home. Besides getting a good nail polish and a top coat, you’ll need a straw to make the design, some tape, a paper plate and a dotting tool or a toothpick. Start by painting your nails white and let them dry for a bit. Then, take some tape and wrap around the finger, avoiding the nail area, so that it’s easier to clean the nail polish afterwards. Place a few drops of red polish on the plate, dip the straw into the polish for a couple of seconds and then blow out the polish onto your nails. This will create the fake blood stains.

Girly nails (zombie accent nails)

Halloween is all about putting together the most terrifying costume but your makeup as well as your hair and nails should belong to the same theme. However, if you are planning to be scary and girly at the same time, consider opting for a girly zombie inspired nail design, like the one from the image above. Paint your nails black and with the help of a toothpick draw a white web of spiders on one or two of the nails. For the rest of the nail you can improvise by drawing a design of your choice. Use a special tool to draw the flower design and on another finger draw a scary zombie head.

Back from the grave nail design

This next design looks so intricate and hard to make but if you follow our tips you’ll manage to recreate this nail art look in just minutes. The first thing that you’ll have to do is get some press on nails so that you can mimic the torn nail look. After you’ve applied your fake nails use a nail clipper or scissor to carefully cut the tips and then paint them in different shades of gray. Use the black nail polish to paint around the cuticle area and on the tip of the nails. You can also use a red nail polish to gently brush the tips, so that it looks like you have blood on your nails. The last step is to use a gray eye shadow to dab on your fingers and your grave-digging nail art is complete.

If you plan on wearing these types of nail designs for Halloween, we advise you to match them with a zombie themed costume. You can find some amazing zombie costumes on From classic zombie costumes, to creative Rockabilly zombie costumes, that website has some amazing choices.

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