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Zebra Nails- Designs and Tutorials

25 Nov Designs & Art

Animal prints have a way of making regular comebacks in the fashion trends. These prints infiltrate all elements of fashion such as clothes, accessories and even nails. The zebra print is by far the most popular animal print. If you are interested in zebra nails, you will find the following designs to be very inspiring.

  • Classic zebra design

In order to make zebra nails you either need to be very precise or you can use a stamper. The stampers work by using templates in order to create the nail designs which are then transferred on the nail with the stamper. However, if you are handy with the nail polish brush, it is better to do the design yourself as it looks more professional. All you have to do is paint your nails white and then use a thin brush in order to make the black lines. The wavy lines don’t have to be equal but they should follow the same wavy pattern.

  • Black zebra nails

Black zebra nails can be a nice alternative to the classic zebra model. After you prepare your nails, you apply two layers of black nail polish on your nails. For the next step, you need a thin nail polish brush and a lot of precision. Starting from the tip of the nail, you start painting horizontal lines with white nail polish. The lines should be curved in wave shapes. They should start thicker at the edge of the nail and get thinner as they reach the middle. The lines shouldn’t go from one edge to another but they should have different lengths. Each line should cover about three quarters of the nail’s width. An interesting variation to this model is to only use black nail polish and mat polish instead of black and white polish. You varnish your nails black and then you apply the mat nail polish. Then you use the same black polish in order to make the stripes. The mat-shiny combination is very popular right now.

  • Zebra French

If you think that zebra nails are too extravagant you can try a classier version by integrating the zebra prints in the French manicure. You do your french manicure in a regular way but before applying the finishing coat, you do the zebra design on just the white tips. The Zebra French is a little more challenging because the black stripes need to be thinner and more precise since you are working with less space. Once you do the design on all the nail tips, you apply your regular finishing coat and you are done.

  • Colored zebra nails

The zebra design is usually back and white but if you want a more playful manicure you can try a colored zebra design. You can get great designs if you combine emerald and while, blue and white, two different shades of pink, black and pink and so on.

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