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Why you should check your background online if you are a makeup artist

28 Apr Beauty

If you are a makeup artist then you should be sure that people search you online before they call your to establish an appointment. You work on an industry where the front page of your resume is your online reputation. If you want to make sure that clients will continue to come, then you should check your background online to see what information people find when they write your name. It is advisable to look yourself online often, and when you do it, you should use the incognito option, because in this way your results will not be customised according to your search habits. You should pay extra attention to the results that come on the first page, because the majority of people do not go further than this when they want to find information about a makeup artist. Also, you have the possibility to use an online directory designed with the purpose to offer information about people, if you want to see all the details that are posted about you online.

You can remove the information you do not want public

When you search yourself online you will find some details you do not want people to know about you, because it is personal information. You may have posted those details many years ago, and you forgot about them. Now you have the possibility to check your personal information on a people search website and to control it. You can control the information in case it comes from your social media page, because you can go to your account and delete what you do not want people to see. In case the information is posted on other sites, then you will have to contact the admin of the page and ask them to remove it.

You can search online more than mentions

In case you have a common name, then it is advisable to use a website that offers you the possibility to filter the results according to the state and city where you live. In case you are not able to find anything that offers you a clear view on what people could find about you on the Internet, then you should add modifiers to your search. For example you can write the name of the salon you work for and the name of the school you graduated. Do not forget to also search for images, because you may be surprised by how many photos of you are online.

Even celebrities search themselves online

Some celebrities state they never searched themselves online, but there are many who search themselves regularly.  For example Jennifer Lawrence states that she is scared when she gives an interview, because she knows how people interpret it in a negative way. This fear comes from the fact that she searches herself online often. Kim Kardashian not only that searches her name online on a daily basis, but she also checks the Google alerts that contain her name. Justin Bieber loves to search his name online. He is interested to see what videos are listed as first results and what news media releases about him.

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