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Pedicure Basics

26 Nov Pedicure

When it comes to beauty rituals, women are incredibly meticulous and they care for all their body parts. The feet are probably the least beautiful body parts. However, a nice pedicure and a great pair of shoes can make any feet look gorgeous. Still, we can’t help but notice that no matter how much we tend to our feet, they never look as good as the model feet that we see in magazines and fashion commercials. In order to make your feet look perfect, you need to understand what is pedicure.

  • Pedicure definition

Pedicure is a worn with a Latin origin. It was created by the combination of two words pedis ,which means feet, and cura which means cure. In other words, a pedicure is a cosmetic procedure which cares for the feet. It involves both feet and nail care. A complete pedicure involves trimming and polishing the nails, exfoliating the feet, removing unpleasant hair and massaging the feet.

  • Feet skin care

The skin located on the feet is the most stressed skin which is why it often hardens and cracks if it is not cared for. If you want to understand what is pedicure, you should know that the feet skin care is one of the most important rituals of this procedure. The first step if this ritual is the removal of the dead skin. This is usually done through exfoliation after the feet had been soaked in warm water in order for the dead skin to soften. There is also a less conventional treatment, often referred as fish spa, which involves soaking your feet in a bowl of water which contains a particular species of small fish which eats dead skin. This procedure is not only painless but extremely relaxing. Once the feet are properly exfoliated, they need to be moisturized so that they remain soft.

  • Feet massage

If you have never gotten a pedicure at a saloon, then you have missed one of the most relaxing experiences which is the feet massage. This process is great from distressing your legs and it can also alleviate a lot of the pain caused by high heels.

  • Nail care

When people ask themselves what is pedicure, the only thing that they know about it is the nail care. Indeed, this is probably the most important step of the pedicure process. Sloppy nails are not only unpleasant to look at but they are also uncomfortable when wearing shoes. Furthermore, if you don’t care for your nails you risk getting feet infection. There are numerous bacteria gathering beneath the nails and you need to clean your feet and nails as often as possible in order to avoid infections. trimming and cleaning the nails must be done regularly by both men and women. The nail polish is optional but it can greatly improve the aspect of your feet. Getting a pedicure at a professional saloon is great because pedicurists know exactly how to shape your nails in order for them to look good.

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