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What is a Waterless Pedicure?

21 Dec Pedicure

Beauty salons are always coming up with new ways to improve the cosmetic procedures. Although the new ways aren’t always better, the novelty of a procedure can make it very popular. For example, fish pedicures are very popular although they are not very efficient or safe. In the last few months, a new type of procedure has gained a lot of popularity: the waterless pedicure. Lets take a look at this type of pedicure and see if it is worth giving it a try.

  • Advantages of the waterless pedicure

This type of pedicure claims to solve two major problems. For starters they are used in places where water has usage restrictions. Furthermore, they are more sanitary due to the fact that water can transfer bacteria. Most salons have water filtering systems for the feet tub but even though the water is changed and the tubs are cleaned, the infection can stay in the pipes and then come back in the tub. The waterless procedure also eliminates a lot of inconveniences for salon owners such as cleaning and disinfecting. Since a lot of the costs are eliminated, this type of pedicure is also rather cheap, ranging between $15 and $20. Another advantage of this type of pedicure is that all the tools used during it are disposable. The tools come in sealed bags and they are disposed of after the procedure.

  • Disadvantages of the waterless pedicure

The only disadvantage of this pedicure is the fact that it does not work so well for nails that are really out of shape. Since the tools are disposable and environmentally friendly, they are not very professional so it can be more complicated to do this type of pedicure on nails that haven’t been taken care of in a long time.

  • What does it include?

This new type of pedicure can be performed in various ways. Usually it goes something like this: after the nails are trimmed, the feet are sprayed with a sanitizing spray after which they are wrapped in warm towels and plastic bags. This is just as relaxing as the water soaking procedure but safer and more efficient. This part of the procedure is very moisturizing and it prepares the feet for the cuticle care, the skin filing and the massage. Another type of waterless pedicure is the paraffin pedicure which is a lot more efficient due to the moisturizing properties of the paraffin wax.


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