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What Are Silk Nails?

21 Mar Your Manicure

Silk nails are a new trend amongst women who like nail enhancements. Just as the name suggests, this type of manicure requires wrapping the nails in strips of a silk material. The application process is similar to other nail enhancements and it involves shaping a piece of nail silk and gluing it to the natural nail. Once the glue dries, the silk material is buffed in order to have a glossy and uniform surface.

  • Advantages of silk nails

This type of nails are considered to be better than other nail enhancements. The main reason for this is the fact that they look very natural and are quite flexible. Unlike acrylics or gel nails, these nail enhancements are very thin. Furthermore, this manicure can also be suited for women who have damaged nails as the silk wrap can work as a protection for the natural nail. Silk wraps are also very efficient for fixing broken artificial nails without having to remove the nail.

  • Disadvantages

All nail enhancements damage the nails. Some are less harmful than others and the skill of the nail technician can also make a difference.  Silk wraps are also rumored to be more likely to develop infections. However, this is another misconception. It is possible for the nail technician to be careless and lift the natural nail too much thus separating it from the nail bed. If this happens, it is possible for fungus and bacteria to grow under the nail but this is due to the carelessness of the nail technician and not due to the quality of the silk nails.

  • Should you choose these type of nails

Whether or not silk wraps are suited for you depends on your needs. Generally, if you have an active life style, you should forget about silk wraps and choose acrylics or gel nails. On the other hand, if you want a less invasive treatment which allows you to grow your natural nails, silk wraps might be the best choice for you.

  • Tips for silk nails

If you choose this type of manicure, make sure that you go to a quality nail saloon with skilled nail technicians. There are also a couple of things you should know about this type of nails. For starters, it is all right to apply nail polish on silk wraps as it won’t damage them in any way. Furthermore, you should constantly care for the skin surrounding your nails. Regularly applying cuticle oils and creams will maintain the beauty of your manicure as well as the health of the nails.

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