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What Are Gel Nails

06 Jan Gel Nails

Artificial nails are becoming more and more popular among celebrities but also among common people. These types of nail enhancements are usually rather cheap so anybody can afford them. There are several types of artificial nails such as acrylic nails, gel nails, fiberglass and silk wraps. The gel manicure is probably the most popular type of artificial nails. If you have the proper equipment, you can even do these type of nails yourself. If you want to understand what are gel nails, you need to know how they are made.

  • What are gel nails made of?

Gel nails, as well as acrylic nails, are made from a mixture of monomer liquid and polymer powder. Both types of nails resemble natural nails. The main difference between them is that gel nails also contain short chain monomers which make them more flexible, thus more comfortable to wear and more natural looking.

  • Types of gel nails

There are several ways in which you can apply gel nails. For starters, you can apply the gel on your natural nail in order to make it stronger. When the nail grows, you refill the area at the base of the nail with gel and polish it in order for it to look like part of the nail. This way, the nails will grow gradually without you having to apply any nail extensions. Another type of gel nails are the ones which also contains nail tips which are applied on the nail as artificial extensions. Once the extensions are applied one must also apply the gel in order for the nail to look natural. Last but not least, you can also create extensions by using only gel. These extensions are created with the help of nail forms. The forms are a sort of stickers. Part of the sticker is wrapped around the finger while another part goes beneath the natural tips of the nails. The stickers have a conical shape. The gel is applied on the natural nail but also on the sticker in order to create a gel extension. Once the gel hardens, the gel nail must be polished around the tip’s edges.

  • How are gel nails applied

People who wish to know what are gel nails are probably also interested in how these artificial nails are applied. No matter what type of gel nails you choose, the cosmetic procedure is the same. You must severely buffer the natural nails in order to get rid of the natural shine. Once you do that, you apply the primer, a solution which eliminates any oil residues from the nail. These steps are necessary in order for the gel to adhere better to the natural nail. Once the gel is applied, the nails must be placed under a UV light in order for the gel to dry. You can also harden the nails by applying a special gel activator on the nails or by dipping the nails in water. However, most women agree that the UV light method is the best one since it gives the gel a more natural look.

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