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Unusual and practical uses for nail polish

28 Dec Beauty


We all know that “nail polish” represents a concept that women are the most familiar with because after all, they always visit stores in hopes of enlarging their collection of bottles and implicitly, colors. Nowadays, if you analyze a woman’s nails, you no longer see just a layer of nail polish. You even notice things that normally would not go on nails like crystals, pearls and many other decorative elements. The reality is that beauty salons have evolved tremendously over the years and women enjoy the most benefits. However, since we are talking about nail polish, clear nail polish to be more specifically, we have to mention that this eye-catching and sparkling accessory has other uses and not only women, but also their husbands should pay close attention to this article. The reason is simple: we are going to inform you about unexpected but very helpful uses for nail polish.

Repair car dings and scratches with nail polish

We all know that nail polish represents a clear sign of feminism, but it does not mean that we cannot all benefit from this inexpensive nail accessory. We are going to start with a trick that probably everyone knows at this point, namely repairing car dings and scratches. Apparently, nail polish contains similar components as the car paint, which makes it a long-lasting and good substitute. Of course, you cannot paint your entire vehicle with your wife’s bottle of nail polish. However, if you recently bought the 2018 Subaru Forester and you somehow managed to damage the exterior, then nail polish could help you cover it. Just make sure that you clean the respective area and that the color of the nail polish perfectly matches the color of your car. Add a coat and after it dries completely, apply another coat of clear nail polish for shine.

Other unusual uses for nail polish

This is a simple and popular trick, but we have more for you. For instance, have you ever thought about using nail polish in order to thread a needle? We all know how difficult and frustrating can be to push the thread though the minuscule eye of the needle, but nail polish makes the end of the thread stiffer and obviously, easier to handle. Another use for nail polish is to apply it along the flap instead of licking it in order to seal an envelope. Moreover, nail polish protects shoelaces from fraying, prevents a run in your tights from worsening and keeps buttons intact.        

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