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The sash is the only accessory you will ever need

21 Jul Designs & Art

Women are true fashion addicts and for them it is important not only to follow the latest trends, but also to find a style that will define their personality. Being able to purchase what you want does not guarantee that you will find in stores exactly what you want. The fact is that you yourself can create personalized accessories that will certainly make you noticed and make you the object of envy for others. Ribbons can be incorporated with success in any outfit due to the fact that they come in various materials and in any colour of the rainbow. It is sufficient to know how to manipulate the material for your own wishes.

Upgrade your coiffure

In the summer time it is much more comfortable to wear your hair in a side braid that is elegant and at the same time not so complicated to realize. If you are already tired of this look and want to try something different, add some colour into the mix. You can just incorporate the sash while you braid your hair and it is advisable to tie the piece of ribbon strand behind the earlobe. This look has become quite appreciated by designers due to the fact that it is omnipresent on the runways. Another way is to simply tie the rosette around the hair and give the impression that it is it and not the scrunchy that holds the locks together. Adjust the size of the decorative piece and in the end tie a bow for more effect.

Look into your wardrobe

A bow is considered to be very feminine and it works on virtually any outfit. By accessorizing a blouse or top with a bow you will change the entire aspect and draw the attention to the bow. If the pieces of clothing that you already own lack bow applications you can simply manufacture one from a roll of sash and sew it into the material. Attention must be paid so as to ensure that the sash matches the blouse in terms of size and colour. You can experiment with different nuances if you desire to. A stylish shirt can also be accessorised with a handmade bow. Everyone remembers the boyish outfit that Audrey Hepburn word and she rocked the bow tie as if it were something natural for a woman.

Emphasize the waist line

For centuries women have struggled to emphasize their thin waist line and what better way to do this than with a sash belt. The main difference between a sash and classic belts is the fact that the colour pallet is wider and that it will not suffocate you owing to the lightness of the fabric. You have the possibility to of sewing the ribbon cloth directly to a used belt or to transform it into an accessory by sewing the cut ends and adding an interface between. It is recommendable to use satin or silk sashes for an even greater effect. The belt can even be applied to the wedding dress in the same manner.

To conclude, if you have creativity, nothing is impossible and you may be amazed at what you can get out underrated materials such as sashes. Just try and you will see the results.

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