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The Red French Manicure Ideas

When it comes to nail designs, only your imagination can limit the number of designs which we can do. Although the classic French manicure is probably the most elegant nail design, there are a lot of variations from the classic model. One of these variations is the red French manicure which can also suffer a lot of transformations.

  • The simple red French manicure

In order to do a red french manicure, you need to follow the same steps as with the classic French, the only difference being that instead of the white nail polish, you will be using red nail polish. In case you don’t know how to do a classic French design, here are the basic instructions. You need nail guides, base coat, finishing coat and red nail polish. After you trim your nails and take care of the cuticles, you apply a base coat. Once it completely dries, you apply the nail guides and then paint the tip of the nails red. When the red polish also dries, you apply the finishing coat and you are done.

  • Color combinations for the red French nails

The red French nail designs don’t have to be all red. There are a lot of colors which you can use in this type of manicure. The best color choice is probably black. However, this is suited for more daring women who like to have extravagant nail designs. In order to do this manicure, you need to paint your nails black after the base coat dries. Once the black nail polish also dries, you can paint the tips of the nails red with the help of the nail guides. You can also paint the nails red and use the black nail polish on the tips.  Other colors which you can combine with the red French design are golden, white, yellow and silver.

  • The reversed red french manicure

The reversed french manicure is a simple nail design which is done in a similar way as other French designs. You paint half of the nail pink, white or golden  and once the nail polish dries you use the nail guides in order to create a smiley shape at the base of the nail. Once you apply the nail guides, you paint the rest of the nail gold and your initial color will remain at the base of the nail in a smiley shape.

  • The special nail

Most French manicures are rather simple but you can make them more sophisticated by adding a special design on the nails of the ring fingers. The special design can be done by hand or by applying small gemstones or nail stickers. You can also use a nail stamp in order to create a sophisticated nail design on one nail of each hand.

  • The polka dot

White and red are the perfect polka dot combination. If you are a fan of happy, summer nail designs, You can try a red polka dot nail design. This manicure is very easy to do if you can make a classic French. After you paint your tips red, you use a pin or a thin brush in order to make little white dots on the red tips.

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