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The best promotion staff for your business

09 Oct Designs & Art

When it comes to experiential marketing campaigns and hiring the right people as brand ambassadors or promotional models, many companies make the mistake of putting too much focus on looks. It goes without saying that the promotion staff within an experiential marketing campaign should be visually pleasing, but weighing looks more than everything else and neglecting other aspects is definitely a mistake business wise. The reason for which most companies, whether large organizations or small businesses, resort to the services of a promotional staffing agency is that these acknowledge the importance of matching the right staff to the right company or brand and have developed expert recruiting and training skills to that effect. However, it is important for companies to also have a say in the matter, which means they must acquire some sort of knowledge in reference to what makes a good and suitable staff.

As mentioned above, good-looking models are ideal for a successful promotion staff, but good looks are not everything. Promotions agency staff are the brand ambassadors of your company and your products or services, so they need to engage consumers and draw their attention, captivate them with your goods. In order for that to happen, you need a staff with great people’s skills, with a bubbly personality, yet professional and adept. It also helps if you choose your staff based on the message and overall vision of the campaign. For instance, if you are trying to promote a musical product of any kind, then hiring experienced dancers to perform some kind of routine can get you a lot further than just some great looking young ladies. Drama students or theatre groups are also an excellent example of promotional models and staff, as you can work your product or service in an act or engaging performance, which always attracts audience. Of course, these are viable solutions only if your product or service allows for such performances. If you are planning a formal exhibition at an IT trade show for example, then dressed up product demonstrators, who are not in their teens, are the best way to go.


Finding the best promotion staff for your business may be a difficult task, especially since business needs change and you might need different types of promoters every single time, which is why your should seriously consider collaborating with an event staffing agency, as these have a very large database of talents that they can match to each and every one of your campaigns. In addition to handling the recruiting and selection process, they also handle the specific training for your particular event, so you can rest assured that your promoters are not just pretty faces, but knowledgeable, professional brand ambassadors, who know everything there is to know about your product and your brand.

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