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Supply List for Gel Nail Designs

10 Feb Designs & Art

If you like having unique nail designs, you might want to consider gel nails. The beauty of a gel manicure is that it allows you to have long nails which rarely break and the nail designs last a very long time. In order to make your own gel nail designs, you need to gather some tools and decorations. These are the supplies which you will need in order to create simple yet stunning nail designs:

  • Gel nail kit

It is impossible to make your own gel manicure without a professional gel nail kit. Lucky you can get one for about $100 and the gel nail polishes that come with the kit will last for a few dozens of manicures. Furthermore, you can purchase gel nail polishes, separately and there is a wide variety of colors to choose from.

  • Nail polish brushes

In order to be able to make sophisticated gel nail designs, you will need to own several nail polish brushes of various sizes. You can make your own design brushes by trimming the brushes from old nail polishes.

  • Nail decorations

The beauty of nail decorations is that anybody can use them in order to make a sophisticated nail design. Unlike nail polish art which requires a certain amount of painting skills, nail decorations are very easy to apply. You can use stickers, tiny gems, studs and small plastic elements shaped in various forms. Usually, these type of decorations are very annoying on natural nails since they fall of easily. However, when they are imbedded in the gel, they will stay there for good and the only way they will be removed is if you polish the top gel coat.

  • Glitter

When it comes to nail designs, glitter is an essential supply. If you are not a very girly type of girl, you can use glitter in small amounts. For example, you can use it in the upper part of the nail when you do a reversed French manicure or you can use it in the shape of thin glitter strips.

  • Velvet dust

The velvet manicure is becoming more and more popular and it looks particularly good on long gel nails. In order to make such gel nail designs you need a special velvet dust. This manicure is very easy to do. All you have to do is dip the nail in gel after you previously applied the gel. However, if you choose this manicure, you must be willing to commit to the velvet design since the velvet dust will only come off when you take the gel nails off.

  • Metallic foils

Metallic nails are also gaining popularity. Despite the fact that there are a lot of metallic nail polishes, the best metallic effect can be obtained with the use of special metallic nail foils which are applied on the nail. You can use the foils on the whole nail or just on the tips.


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