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Strawberry Nail Designs

18 Apr Designs & Art

The manicure is a procedure which keeps the nails clean and healthy. However, women have a habit of beautifying everything, which is why they can turn a basic manicure into a work of art. If you are one of the women who likes to have delicious looking nails, you might want to try out the strawberry nails.

  • Preparing the nails

All types of manicure should start with a nail care ritual which includes trimming the nails, caring for the cuticles, buffering the nails and applying the base coat. In order for the strawberry nails to look great, you should give your nails a round shape. You can wear this model on square nails as well but it doesn’t look as good as it does on round nails.

  • The right shade of red

After you apply the base coat, you need to varnish all your nails red. It is very important to find the right shade of red. Avoid intense cheery shades and try to find a softer red shade. Apply one coat on all the nails, allow it enough time to property dry and then apply a second coat.

  • The leaves

There are two ways in which you can do the strawberry nails. You can do the leaves at the base of the nail or you can do them at the tips. It is better to paint the leaves at the base because it makes the nails look rounder. You can choose whatever shade of green you want but make sure it looks good combined with your chosen red shade. A very interesting idea is to design a small strawberry flower near the leaves. However, make sure that the flower is not too big and it doesn’t steal the spotlight of the fruity design.

  • The dots

The strawberry dots are usually yellow so your design will look more realistic if you use yellow nail polish for the dots. However, if you don’t have a nice shade of yellow, you can also use white. Some people even use black nail polish for the strawberry dots but that can give the nails a watermelon vibe, especially if the shape of the green leaves is not very distinct. The dots can be made with a thin nail polish brush. If your hands are not very steady, you can make the dots with a pin. Once you are done with all the nails, you need to apply a finishing coat in order for the manicure to last longer.

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