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Stiletto Nail Designs

12 Dec Designs & Art

For the past two years, an old nail trend has struggled to make a powerful comeback. We are talking, of course, about the stiletto nails, named so due to their slight resemblance to stiletto heels. This type of manicure is very popular amongst bold women who like to shock through their appearance. They are even proffered by numerous celebrities and they are featured in many fashion blogs for women. This type of nails don’t look very natural which is why a lot of women avoid them. However, you don’t have to wear fake nails in order to have a stiletto manicure. If your nails are hard and healthy you can easily shape them in the stiletto style. Although most stiletto manicures look a little Gothic, there are also a lot of delicate designs which look great on pointy nails. Lets check out some simple yet stunning nail designs.

  • Gold tips

There are many celebrities who love the stiletto nails such as Fergie, Betyonce, Jessie J or Nickie Minaj. However, if there is one celebrity which is completely infatuated with stiletto manicures, than that is definitely Rihanna. The pop singer is known for her outrageous looks but every now and then she can be seen rocking a delicate look. The gold tips manicure is very popular right now. Don’t worry as you don’t have to use real gold, although we are sure that Rihanna does. You can use golden nail foils which can be found in most beauty shops.

  • Glitter navy design

When it comes to summer nail designs, this is probably one of the best ones. The navy style is very popular during the summer but when you combine it with glitter and pale pink, it is simply fabulous. This sweet model can make even the stiletto nails look delicate and girly.

  • The Louboutin Design

There isn’t a woman in the world who doesn’t love Louboutin shoes. These shoes are incredibly stylish and they can work with any outfit. There isn’t a woman in the world who would not like a pair of Louboutin shoes. Furthermore, these shoes are featured as true works of art on the best fashion blogs for women. If you want to add a touch of glamor to your look, you could match your favorite pair of Louboutin shoes with a black and red nail design. The only trick here is that this design only works with fake nails since there’s no way that you can paint underneath your natural tips.

  • Red French

The red French is a nail design which works on all types of nail shapes. However, it looks particularly good on pointy nails. Furthermore, with a little skill, you can change a manicure like this into a heart design. All you have to do is create the curvy shapes of the top of the heart instead of the straight French line. The pointy tips of the stiletto will have the perfect shape for the bottom of the heart.

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