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Should You Get Pedicures While Pregnant?

19 Nov Pedicure

For a long time now, there have been numerous rumors regarding the negative effects of pedicures during pregnancy. Our first advice is to check with your doctor in order to get his professional opinion on this matter. In this article we have gathered the most important pedicure concerns based on the personal opinions of several women as well as on the professional opinions of the obstetricians. Here are the main concerns regarding pedicures while pregnant.

  • Massages

One of the most annoying and uncomfortable feelings during pregnancy are the pain and discomfort caused by swollen ankles and feet. This pain can be considerably relieved through foot massages which are usually included in the pedicure treatment. It is believed that there is a certain pressure point in the ankles which can trigger premature labor during a foot massage. It is possible for that to happen in a very small percentage of women but only if the feet are massaged continuously and aggressively around that point for a long time. Countless women get pedicure while pregnant and they don’t have any pregnancy problems. On the contrary, the feet pain is significantly decreased by the feet massage. However, if you are really worried about this issue, you can ask the pedicurist to massage your feet while avoiding the ankles.

  • Toxic fumes

Unlike the feet massage, this issue is a lot more serious. The toxic fumes which come from acrylic mixtures and nail polish can cause nausea and headaches. If you want to get saloon pedicures while pregnant, choose a saloon which is well ventilated and go during the morning when there are less fumes.

  • Infected instruments

If you go to a fancy saloon, you needn’t worry too much about this issue as most famous saloons have professional disinfecting equipments. However, things are not so clean at cheap, local nail saloons. Most doctors advice pregnant women to bring their own nail instruments when going to a nail saloon. This is the best way to avoid infections.

As you can see, there are no real concerns concerning pedicures for pregnant women. After all, there are so many unpleasant changes going on in your body during this period that the last things you need are sloppy feet. Furthermore, as your belly grows, it will become more and more challenging to reach your toes and do your own pedicure. As long as you take some basic precaution measures, there’s no reason why you can’t get pedicures while pregnant.

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