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Ribbon nail designs for brides

10 Feb Gel Nails


The wedding day is one of the most wonderful days in a woman’s life, the excitement and beauty of those moments remaining engraved in their hearts. It is a magical day when you have the pleasure of vowing eternal love to your partner under the eyes and with the blessing of your family and friends, not to mention that you are the centre of attention and the star of the night. Every woman dreams of being in the spotlights even just for a day and the wedding is a unique opportunity for you to shine. This is why it is important to take care of every detail of your aspect and radiate confidence during the entire ceremony. This also includes taking care of your nails of course. Your beautiful princess like wedding dress, perfect make-up and exquisite accessories would be ruined without a proper nail design that will further enhance that beauty and increase your mystery. With all eyes on you that night, you absolutely need to be perfect and thinking about every little detail from the beginning will allow you to feel confident in front of all your loved ones and smile warmly to the camera and guests. Most wedding planning involves buying a large amount of colourful printed ribbons UK for your wedding revenue decorations, flower bouquets, invitations, favours and so on.

If you take into account the fact that most wedding dresses have some hidden ribbon bows or a bold ribbon sash, it could be safely said that ribbons are also in the centre during weddings. Thus, a great wedding nail design idea would also be focused on the lovely ribbons. Believe it or not, there will be people taking into account every detail of your outfit so the subtle match between your small ribbon bow on the back with the even smaller ribbon placed on one of your nail will not go unobserved. On the contrary, it will create an atmosphere of sophistication and it will further increase your mystery, because of the fact that it is not immediately noticeable. Therefore, when you start making the big colourful printed ribbons UK order, you should also start looking for a nail artist capable of creating the perfect wedding nail design for your important day.


Nail artists that specialise in creating beautiful designs for weddings are very sought after, so it is essential to make an appointment with months prior to your wedding date. These specialists are especially busy during the weekend, so the sooner you decide on a design and nail artist the better. You should also go for a test before choosing the nail artist that will do your manicure for your wedding day. Simply show the expert you have chosen a picture with the design you would like or explain what you would like and see whether he/she raises to your expectations. Considering the fact that most nail designs for weddings are made to resist taking hours to do and remove, it would be terrible to realize in the last moment that you do not like your nails and wish for a re-do.

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