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Professional Tips For Pedicure

09 Jan Pedicure

A professional pedicure is one of the most relaxing and satisfying cosmetic procedures. There’s no better way to remove the tress from your feet than to soak the feet in worm water, massage them and then make them as pretty as possible. If you can’t afford a professional pedicure, you can do it yourself. these professional tips for pedicure will help you keep your feet clean, healthy and pretty.

Professional Tips For Pedicure Professional Tips For Pedicure Picture

  • 1. Gather your supplies

One of the most important tips for pedicure is to have all your supplies at hand when you start the cosmetic procedure. The supply list should include: nail polish remover, cuticle oil, wooden cuticle stick, exfoliating foot scrub, feet buffer, towel, nail clipper, nail file, foot lotion, cotton buds, nail polish, base coat, top coat and toe separators. In order to give your feet a royal treatment you could also acquire some optional products such as peppering oil, feet mask, Epsom salt and a feet massage device.

  • 2. Let your feet relax

Before you start the actual pedicure procedure, you need to soak your feet in warm water in which you previously dripped peppermint oil and Epsom salt. If your foot massage device is water proof, you can put it in the water and rub your feet on it in the water. This will activate your feet circulation and will relieve any pain you have from wearing high heels. The peppermint will freshen up your feet while eliminating any unpleasant odors.

  • 3. Take care of your feet skin

When it comes to home pedicures, a lot of people skip the skin care and jump straight to the nail care. However, if you plan on rocking some summer nail designs, your feet must be rosy and soft. In order to obtain that baby feet effect, you need to buffer your feet, especially your heels. Once you take care of the dead skin, you can apply a feet mask in order to hydrate your skin. After you remove the skin, it is time to move on to the nails. Do not apply any foot lotion just yet because it will stick to the nails and it will make it harder for the nail polish to adhere to the nails.

  • 4. Be gentle with your cuticles

If you or your pedicurist cut your cuticles, you need to stop doing it as of right now. This procedure can damage your cuticles and cause severe infections. Instead of cutting them, you need to soften them with cuticle oil and then gently bush them with a wooden stick towards the base of the nail. Keep in mind that the more you cut the cuticles, the more they will grow.

  • 5. The proper way to take care of your feet nails

When it comes to the nail care, you must start by trimming. One of the best tips for pedicure is to make a lot of little snips instead of cutting the nail at one. This way, you won’t run the chance of breaking the nail. Furthermore, unless you want to ruin all your tights, you need to be very consistent when you file the edges of the nails. If you apply the nail polish without properly caring for the nails, the pedicure won’t last long. You need to buffer your nails and apply a base coat which will even the surface of the nail and it will help the nail polish stick to the nail better. Use the toe separators in order to avoid ruining your nail designs and soak cotton buds in nail polish remover in order to clean the skin around the nails, after you apply the nail polish. When the nail polish dries, apply a top coat. When the finishing coat completely dries, you can use the feet lotion in order to massage your feet. In order for the feet to be extra smooth, apply the lotion before going to bed and put on a pair of cotton socks.

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