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Ombre Manicure Tutorial

When it comes to nail designs women can be very creative and they will always find a way to transfer the most trendy styles on their nails. The ombre shades can be found in numerous fashion elements such as clothes, accessories and especially hairstyles. If you are not very skilled when it comes to nail designs, you probably think that the ombre manicure is very difficult to make. However, the instructions presented bellow are very easy to follow. Not only is this manicure very trendy but it is also very cheap.

  • What do you need?

In order to do the ombre manicure, you need to gather your supplies. For this manicure you need at least 2 different shades of nail polish. The first time you do it, you should only try with two colors as the more colors you use, the more sophisticated the manicure will be. Furthermore, unless you have extremely long nails, you can’t work with more than three shades of nail polish. Now, aside from the gradient nail polish shades, you also need a cosmetic sponge (a normal dish sponge will also work), and a surface which will not be stained by the nail polish such as glass or plastic.

  • Simple instructions

As we mentioned above, the ombre manicure is extremely easy to do. Needles to say that you must first trim your nails, buff them and apply a base coat. Once you are done with that, you can move on to the actual ombre design. What you need to do, is put two drops of nail polish, one of each shade, on a non-stain surface. They must be uniting but without actually blending. Next, you need to use a toothpick or a needle in order to slowly blend the point where the two colors are touching. Once you create the ombre pattern, you dip the sponge in the nail polish pattern and you quickly apply the sponge on the nail. At this point, the pattern will transfer from the sponge to your nail. If this seems to complicated for you, there is an easier way to do it but it takes a little more time. Instead of creating the pattern before applying it to the nail, you can create it after you apply the first color on your nail. So, you start with the lighter color which you apply on the nail in a normal layer. Once that nail polish dries, you dip the sponge in the other color and you gently tampon the tip of the nail. This is an easier way to do this manicure but it is less subtle as the colors don’t mix very well. We mentioned above that you can also use a dish sponge instead of a cosmetic sponge. While this is true, we must tell you that the dish sponge is more absorbent which will cause the pattern to present a lot of bubble. The bubbles are only visible if you look closely but if you want a professional looking manicure, we advise you to use a cosmetic sponge.

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