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Modern outfits with a vintage twist

23 Nov Beauty


Nowadays, clothing is mass-manufactured, which means that for unique outfits, you must search long and well. Luckily, some online stores have considered the necessity of retailing more unique pieces, and this is how pinup stores have appeared. These stores have wonderful vintage-like pieces, especially dresses that may please even the most exigent requirements in terms of quality and style. Below you will find some great ideas that will certainly impress you with their uniqueness.

1. Old school cool is all about pinup dresses

Ever wondered why women back in the days were so polished and pretty? Because of their dresses. The dresses back in the days were structured and feminine. In order to accomplish the same look, you can invest in some pinup dresses and combine those in modern outfits. Pencil skirts and dresses were big in the 50’s and 60’s, so you might want to consider those as your daily choices. They work wonderfully as office outfits. For more festive occasions, you could try some Hepburn-style dresses or off-shoulder dresses for a more authentic look. These dresses work wonderfully with a pair of boots and a leather jacket, and are generally easy to style, just to give them a more modern feeling. A blend of old and new will certainly make your style more unique and impressive overall.

2. Old-school jeans are a goldmine for your laid-back days

Mamma jeans are just perfect. Although not many are the women that agree that these work wonderfully, they are simply a piece that must be present in every woman’s wardrobe. Also, they are comfortable, and easy to mix and match with various pieces. Try to mix a pair of mamma jeans with a plain white T-shirt, a pair of Converse, white ones, preferably, or even motor boots. A motor leather jacket or a colourful overcoat will certainly work wonderfully with such jeans. Also, consider high waist, vintage shorts for the hot summer days, and combine those with a pleated shirt and a white tank top underneath. You will certainly love the look.

3. Introduce polka dots to your wardrobe

You may have noticed that there are plenty of vintage and pinup pieces that feature polka dots. Introduce various elements featuring those. Start small, if you are afraid that you may not like those. Purchase scarfs and other rather small elements and see how you succeed to combine those. This is a great way to introduce some old-school cool elements in your outfits.

4. Pay attention to your hairstyle

We all know how pretty and polished women’s hairstyles were looking in the past. Luckily for you, if you want to introduce such hairstyles, you can find plenty of tutorials on YouTube. Try to replicate those. You may find this quite easy, given the fact that these tutorials are pretty explanatory.

These are some great ways in which you could introduce in your wardrobe in order to create a more personal style, a style difficult to replicate for other, and a style appreciated by others.

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