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Matte Manicure Ideas

It is rather hard to come up with new types of manicures since the process is so basic. However, when a new manicure appears, it stays in the top of the fashion trends for a very long time and it is reinvented in various ways. Such is the case of the matte manicure which has been very popular in the last two years. This type of manicure is a nice break from the classic glossy manicure. The mat finish can make any design look sophisticated and elegant. If you are interested in some matte nail designs, then you have come to the right place because we have gathered the most popular such designs. Most of the designs presented bellow feature black nail polish because this color looks best with a matte finish but you can also try these models with other colors.

  • Matte&Glossy Black French

This type of manicure is as easy as it is fabulous. All you need for this is a black nail polish, nail guides, a matte finishing coat and a glossy finishing coat. You start by painting all your nails black. It is best to do 2-3 layers, depending on the quality of the nail polish. Next, you will need some nail guides or you can do the french by hand if you have steady hands. You first apply the nail guides on the nail tips and not above them. Next, you apply the matte fishing coat on the upper parts of the nail. When it dries, you remove the guides and you apply other nail guides above the tip of the nail. All you have to do now is use a normal finishing coat on the tips. If you skip the last part and you don’t apply the glossy coat on the tips, the matte-glossy effect won’t be so obvious and your design will last less.

  • Glossy Polka Dots

This manicure is a lot easier to do than any other matte manicure. After you paint your nails black, you apply the mat finishing coat. Once you do that, you use the normal black nail polish in order to make glossy polka dots on the matte nails. The polka dots are very easy to make. You use the normal nail polish brush, slightly wipe it of on the top of the bottle in order to get rid of excess nail polish and then you slowly touch your nails with the tip of the brush.

  • Nail Stamps

A great way to create wonderful matte designs is to use nail stamps. The nails presented in this picture feature a byzantine design but you can obtain the same effect if you use any type of abstract stamps. Just remember to apply the stamps above the tips so that the matte polish is visible.

  • Other interesting ideas

If you have the right instruments such as matte finishing coat, scotch tape, nail stamps and nail decorations, you can create any type of matte manicure, no matter how sophisticated it looks. For example, you can use scotch tape in order to create a checkers design. You can also use nail guides in order to create a reverse french. This works particularly good if you leave the lower part of the nail matte and you use a metallic nail polish on the smiley shape at the base of the nail.

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