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Matching your nail colour with the shoes you are wearing

04 Sep Beauty

No one usually pays attention to details such as matching your toe nails colours with the shoes you are wearing, but it is actually a detail that matters and can have a great impact on your entire appearance if taken seriously. Choosing a nail polish that suit your skin tone is essential in the first place. You will have to be careful not to select nuances that have nothing to do with the way your skin looks. Of course, brighter tones would look better on a darker skin and vice-versa. If you happen to be a person who likes to stand out from the crowd and play with colourful nuances and unusual clothing, here’s what you can do:

Shop in unexpected places

Have you ever considered finding children shoes on If not, you should reconsider. Yes, you read that correctly – looking for children shoes to buy for yourself if the size allows it might be the salvation for someone who is searching for unique items to wear. Plus, they are a lot cheaper, colourful and more versatile than the ones you will find in the adult section. And who knows? Maybe you can find shoes for kids you know too. Don’t ever avoid unusual places to look for fashionable items. You would be surprised how much you have to gain from this. Do not hesitate looking for child shoes with suitable sizes in another places or second-hands with a shoe sector. Supermarkets are a great idea too.

Regarding nail polish, ordering online could be a good choice, given the fact that you will see lots of offers and deals you can take advantage of, but keep in mind that nuances do not usually look the same way they look on your laptop screen. Going to the nearest drug store and check out what nail polish they sell can save you a lot of money. In addition, usually the products you buy from drug stores are more reliable than the non-brand ones found in specialised stores. If you are interested in finding the most qualitative nail polish, then be ready to make quite an investment.

Combine everything

After you chose what kind of shoes you are going to wear and what kind of nail polish you are going to use, it’s time to begin combining them correctly. Having multiple pairs of open tip shoes will suppose flashing your toes. This is why, when wearing sandals or heels without a closed tip it is highly paramount to take care of your pedicure. You surely cannot combine red heels with bright blue polish unless you are a fan of childish, colourful combinations. Of course, the decision is individual and you can choose what you please, but keeping in mind the fact that shoes and toe nails should be both taken care of is necessary. Even if it seems like a detail that doesn’t matter, you need to start placing it on top of the list for a proper appearance. Small details do count, especially when you care a lot about your image.


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