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Manicure Definition Procedure and Popular Styles

14 Nov Your Manicure

The term manicure has its origins in the Latin language. It was created with the combination of the word manus, meaning hand and the word cura which means cure. In other words, a manicure is a hand maintenance procedure. The manicure definition refers to a cosmetic procedure through which a person maintains the beauty and well being of the nails. The complexity of the manicure processes differs from one person to another and can involve various tools. Lets see what are the most common types of manicure.

  • Simple manicure

A simple manicure is usually focused towards the trimming on the nails. Most men stick to trimming while women also file the nails in order for them not to scratch if they are longer. The manicure can also include a cuticle treatment as well as a hand skin treatment.

  • French manicure

This is probably the most popular type of manicure in the world. There are many variations to it but the basic french manicure definition refers to varnishing the tip of the nail in a different color than the rest of the nail. The classic french manicure features a white nail tip and semi transparent nail polish which covers the whole nail.

  • Nail enhancements

There are many ways in which you can enhance your nails so it is hard to give an accurate fake manicure definition to cover all of them. Acrylic and gel are mixtures which you apply in order to stick artificial nails to the natural nails. They are believed to damage the nails but this is only true when nail technicians use cheap and low quality products. The gel can also be applied without a fake nail and it serves as a nail polish which lasts longer and makes the nails more resistant. Resin is a natural replacement for gel and acrylic with similar properties. It is a little harder to apply and doesn’t last as long but it is a safer choice if you don’t want to damage your nails.

  • Manicure options

Aside from the nail trimming, filing and varnishing there are many more processes that a manicure can include. You can get a nail piercing or you can attach various decorations (stickers, glitter, flocking powder, small gems and so on) to the nail. When it comes to nail polish, the possibilities are endless. Professional manicurists can design any type of model on your nails so it is not impossible to have an unique nail manicure.

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