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French Manicure Ideas

The French Manicure is by far, the most popular nail design. It is simple yet stylish and you don’t need a lot of skills in order to do it. If you use nail guides or scotch tape, you can make a perfect design with minimum effort. However, if you have a more playful personality and you don’t like traditional nail design you could try some variations of the classic French. Lets see what are the most popular ones!

1. Colored French
The classic French manicure features white nail tips and transparent or semi transparent finishing coat. However, you can choose to play with the colors and create a different French model each day. The possibilities are endless as long as you let your creativity go wild. You can have white nails and black tips or you can have pink nails and blue tips.

2. Black and White French
The black and white French is a little more complicated for people who have trembling hands. It requires a very thin brush and a lot of precision. After you varnish the tips of the nails with white polish, you must use a thin nail polish brush in order to paint a thin black line, above the white tips.

3. The Ombre French
This type of manicure is the easiest because you don’t need a lot of precision in order to do it. The french effect can easily be created with the use of a sponge. You can use a dish sponge but you will get better results with a make up sponge which is smoother and less absorbent. You put a drop of white nail polish on a ceramic, plastic or glass surface and you dip the sponge in it. Once you do that, you gently tampon the lower half of the nail in order to create an ombre effect. Once you do that on all the nails, you follow the normal finishing steps of the French manicure.

4. The reversed French
This is a more controversial model and some might say it isn’t even a French. However, the idea was inspired by a French so we will include it on your list. The basic idea of this manicure is that instead of varnishing the tips on the nail in a different color than the rest of the nail, you varnish the upper part in a semi round shape.

5. V-shaped French
The V-shape design is very easy to make. You can do it with your bare hands or by using scotch tape in order to make the V-shape design. You can do it with the classic white tips or you can mix it up with different colors.

6. Sophisticated design
If you are very skilled in the art of manicure or you are looking for some ideas to share with your nail artists, we have prepared the most popular sophisticated french models. For example, you have the musical note french, where you paint a tiny musical table with notes on the white tips. A very popular idea is the mustache French where you design a black mustache above the white tips of the nail. You can also pain small bows and a thin ribbon in order to visually separate the white tips from the rest of the nail. If you want a very playful design you can even go with the Hello Kitty French.

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