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Is your vehicle influencing how beautiful you appear?

28 Dec Beauty


When it comes to how people are perceiving us, there are plenty of factors that must be taken into account. Our hairstyle, our manicure, our overall outfits, these all influence how beautiful we appear, but we certainly are aware of these. We don’t seem to pay too much attention to is our vehicles. Yes, the car that you drive certainly has a word to say when it comes to how beautiful people think that you are. But how is this happening, you may ask? Before we have some valid explanation for this phenomenon.

The state of your vehicle

Yes, the way in which you maintain your vehicle has a lot to say about you. Only think about it.  A dust, rugged and rusty car, what message will send? That you also don’t pay enough attention to the way that you look. That you don’t care for yourself just as much as you would like people to think. So, next time when you notice some mud and dust on your car, make sure to take it at a professional establishment and have it properly cleaned. On the other hand, if you drive a polished, luxurious Cadillac (you can read a professional opinion on Cadillac CTS here) will send a completely opposite message. See? This is how your vehicle is influencing the how beautiful people perceive you.

Your car is an extension of yourself

A recent study has proven that many of us will identify with the vehicles that we drive. This is the reason for which many of us tend to behave accordingly to the vehicle that we drive. A fast car will make us behave in a particular way, while a vehicle destined to families, mainly, in a completely different manner. Driving a luxury car like the Cadillac CTS will make us more confident and raise our self-esteem, while driving a sports car will make us more prone to passing the speed limit, thus showing a dangerous behaviour.

Pick a car that represents your lifestyle

Well, many of us still dream of a luxury car, but not all of us have the financial means to invest in those. Pick a car that fits your budget and lifestyle, and you will certainly impress your peers. However, make sure to keep it clean at all times. This will leave a good impression in the first place.

These are only a few of the ways in which the vehicles that we drive can make us appear beautiful or not that appealing.

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