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How to Match Your Nail Design With Your Makeup

18 May Your Manicure

Choosing the perfect nail polish can turn out to be a difficult chore, due to the fact that you must consider several aspects, such as your age, the occasion you are preparing for, the time of the day or your makeup. Here’s some advice on how to match the nail design with the rest of the makeup, in order to avoid looking like an ill-sorted parrot.

At the office

One of the biggest challenges women have to face in the professional environment, is choosing the most appropriate makeup and nail polish to match their job. Since designing a competent and professional image is a very important factor in the working environment, there are some rules for office makeup, that will prevent you from wearing smokey eyes or glitter. But this does not mean you have to completely give up makeup, on the contrary, a nice makeup and a neat manicure will help you achieve better job goals. When it comes to makeup and nail design, stick to natural shades of brown, beige, ivory and gray, that will give you a fresh look without showing off.

At a party

Parties are the perfect occasion to unleash your imagination when it comes to makeup and nails. At a party you can try spectacular makeup styles that you usually wouldn’t have the courage to adopt, such as dark smokey eyes, shades of gold and silver, dark purple or emerald green, as well as you can opt for long fake eyelashes to complete the dramatic look. You can match the nail polish with your eye shadow, or you can choose a scarlet lipstick and go for nails in the same color. However, your natural lashes can suffer from the excessive makeup and the fake lashes’ glue, therefore you can help them recover using eyelash growth serum, which naturally enhances and strengthens your lashes. Since the most expensive products aren’t always the best ones, make sure to read some customer eyelash growth serum reviews in order to make sure that you are investing in the best product for your lashes.

At the beach

When you go to the beach, your makeup should be discreet and as natural as possible, therefore you can opt for a layer of mascara, a touch of blush and a pink lip gloss. However, your nails can be a little bolder, so you can opt for an orange shade that wouldn’t normally go with your daily outfit, or a blue polish to match the water.

Daily make-up

The daily makeup should be easy and simple so that you will seem more natural and beautiful in a very discreet way. Daylight must highlight our features rather than harsh color of eyeshadow or blush and the thick layer of foundation. As for the nail polish, you can opt for french manicure, brown, beige or pink shades.

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