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How to Make Foot Scrub

15 Jan Pedicure

Aside from trimming and polishing the nails, a pedicure procedure must also contain some skin care rituals. The skin of the feet is often the most neglected area and it is also the one which is most stressed. The stress manifests itself mainly as dry, cracked skin. If you want your feet to be as rosy and soft as the feet of a baby, the best thing to do is apply some feet scrubs. However, these type of products can be very expensive if you acquire them from beauty shops. On the other hand, there are a lot of foot scrubs which you can make yourself in the privacy of your home with minimum effort. Natural skin products are always better than cosmetic ones so you will soon be very happy that you learned how to make foot scrub.

  • Sugar scrub

If you think that learning how to make foot scrub will be a complicated procedure, you have nothing to fear. You can start with this very basic scrub which can be done in one minute with basic ingredients which you definitely have around the house. All you need is 3 tbsp. olive oil, 2 tbsp honey and half a cup of sugar (preferably brown but white will also work). Mix the three ingredients together and then apply them on your feet, after you previously soaked your feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes.  Sugar is a great ingredient for natural scrubs and this is just one of the many sugar based homemade scrubs.

  • Salt scrub

The following scrub is also very simple and it has the added advantage of lasting a long time. The basic ingredient for this scrub will be salt. You need to mix one cup of sea salt with one cup of Epsom salt. The salt should be coarse in order to gently exfoliate the skin but not so coarse that it scratches you. So, if the salt crystals are to big, you can crush them a little bit with a pestle. Once you crash the salt add one cup of carrier oil (it doesn’t matter if it is made of  almonds, flax seeds, coconut or jojoba). When you are done, add a few drops of essential oil. Mix thoroughly and then put it in a jar and store it in a cool place.

  • Coffee foot scrub

Another great natural exfoliate is ground coffee. In order to make a coffee foot scrub, you need 6 tbsp. ground coffee, 4 tbsp. sea salt, 4 tbsp. corn meal, 5 tbsp. jojoba oil and essential oils (preferably peppermint but lavender also works great). All you have to do is mix the ingredients thoroughly until you obtain an uniform paste. In order to keep it fresh for a longer period of time, you should store it in the refrigerator.

  • Tips for learning how to make foot scrub

As you can see, there are a lot of coarse natural ingredients that you can use in order to make foot scrubs. There are countless foot scrub recipes but they all contain at least one of these four main ingredients: salt, sugar, coarse coffee and corn meal. You can mix these ingredients with various oils and aromas but make sure to store the mixtures in cold places in order for them to stay fresh. In order to eliminate bad odors you can add some special ingredients to your scrubs such as peppermint soda, lemon juice or even baking soda.





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