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Halloween Nail Design Ideas

10 May Designs & Art

Halloween is a great holiday as it allows you to explore other parts of your personality. This year, whether you are looking for the best couple Halloween costumes or the best group costumes, do not neglect your manicure as it can be an important part of the overall spooky look. Today, we will show you a couple of ideas and tips on how to get the most fun Halloween nail art design.

Pumpkin manicure

The pumpkin manicure is difficult to execute, because drawing all the details and burning “eyes” of the pumpkin on a small nail is quite tricky. However, the design can be applied only on some nails – which is more than enough. Start by drawing the round shape of the pumpkin and small leaves on top with a fine brush. The sides of the pumpkin can be highlighted with a darker color, which gives it volume. Then we continue with drawing the eyes, nose and smile. If you want your nail art to be more spectacular, you can opt for black French manicure before painting the pumpkin.

Skulls and skeletons

Skeletons are easier to create in terms of colors – they only require white and black nail polish – but it is quite complicated to draw the shapes. You’ll need to paint your nails entirely black and then draw the skull or bones of the skeleton. Do not forget to apply a protective coating to keep the manicure lasting for a long time. Since this manicure is very spooky, match it with an equally spooky costume.

Bloody nails

Bloody nails are one of the most popular nail designs during Halloween parties. This nail design is very simple and inexpensive, since you only need two colors of nail polish: white and red. The blood spatter effect on nails can be achieved by “swelling” red nail polish through a straw on the nails that have been already painted white, and drawing blood droplets with the help of a small brush. Despite the impressive design of the nail, it is not that difficult to execute. This type of nails would go great with a zombie costume and if you convince your boyfriend to dress as a zombie as well, you will certainly achieve one of the best couple Halloween costumes.


Spiders are associated with witches and vampires, so if you plan to roam the streets disguised as a witch, consider having a manicure that will fit the theme perfectly. First paint your nails gray, black and even red and then start by drawing spiders (a circle for the body and thin lines for the legs) and your spider nail design is done! After you’ve finished creating the nail art, apply a top coat to seal the design.

Simple Halloween nail art

If you are not very fond of evil characters, and the idea of wearing these things on your nails do not delight you, then choose another creative Halloween manicure. You can use many types of accessories, rhinestones, or even fabric pieces. Also, a great tip is to create a fluorescent manicure that glows in the dark. However, make sure that your nail design goes well with the outfit you’ve chosen and that everything is in harmony.

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