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Great Ideas for Christmas Nails

02 Jan Designs & Art

It is a well known fact that women like to be creative and they absolutely love the holidays. When you put these two things together, only one thing comes to mind: Christmas nails! This wonderful holiday which is almost upon us, is the perfect excuse to wear childish and playful nail designs. In this article we have prepared some great Christmas designs which you can do on your nails with little effort. We have also prepared some basic instructions and tips for these designs.

  • Snowflake nails

In theory, snowflakes are rather difficult to paint on nails. However, if you use some tips, you can obtain a snowflake design with minimum effort. What you need to do is search the internet or the beauty shops for either snowflake nail stamps or stickers. You can paint your nails blue and stamp the snowflakes on without an actual pattern in mind. Try to stick to 2-3 snowflakes per nail in order to avoid a tacky effect. Another great idea is to do a classic french and then apply one blue snowflake on each nail. The beauty of the snowflake nail designs is that they can be worn throughout the whole winter and not just during the Christmas Holiday.

  • Snowman nails

This design is probably one of the easiest Christmas nails. The model presented in this picture features a baby blue background, but you can also rock this design on a red, green or sparkly blue background. Use two nail polish drops in order to make the snowman, wait for it to completely dry and then use a pin dipped in black nail polish to paint the buttons and the eyes of the snowman.

  • Reindeer nails

To the untrained eye, these Christmas nails look very complicated but they are actually very easy to do. You start by painting your nails white. When the white layer dries, you use French nail guides in order to create the head of the reindeer. You apply the guides around the center of the nail. Then you use the tip of a brush in order to make the face features. Slightly sweep the excess nail polish of before trying to make round drops which are the eyes and nose of the reindeer. Last but not least, use a thin brush to make the horns.

  • Red ribbon nails

In order to do these nails, you will have to use scotch tape. After you pain your nails green, you use the tape in order to cover parts of your nails, leaving stripe nail shapes uncovered by tape. When you are done with the scotch tape, you simply paint all over the nail with red nail polish. When it dries, you remove the scotch tape and you are left with the red ribbon design.

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