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Gel Nails vs. Acrylic Nails

02 Feb Gel Nails

When it comes to nail enhancements, most women have a hard time choosing between acrylic nails and gel nails. Since this type of nail enhancements last a long time, it is essential to understand the pros and cons of each type of nails in order to choose the ones that best fit your needs. In this article we will provide the most relevant information regarding the gel nails vs. acrylic nails dilemma.

  • Appearance

Acrylic nails and gel nails have a similar composition. The main difference is that gel nails have some added chemicals which make them more flexible and more glossy. In general, gel nails have a more natural appearance due to their glossy surface but acrylic nails can also look natural if the nail technician is skilled.

  • Durability

As far as durability goes, acrylic nails last a lot more than gel nails. Furthermore, they are easier to repair at home, whereas gel nails require professional skills in order to be fixed. However, the durability of the acrylic nails also makes them more harmful for your natural nails. Still, both types of nail enhancements require professional skills in order to be maintained from time to time.

  • Costs

Both gel nails and acrylic nails are rather affordable but generally the acrylics are slightly cheaper than the gel nails.

  • Appliance procedure

In the Gel Nails vs. Acrylic Nails dilemma, gel nails win a lot of points due to their appliance procedure. Despite the fact that both need to be cured under an UV lamp, gel nails cure a lot faster which means that you are less exposed to the damaging effect of the UV light. Furthermore, gel nails are odorless which also makes them safe for pregnant women whereas acrylics emit chemical fumes when they are applied.

  • Variety

Acrylic nails are not very versatile and most of them don’t look very natural. On the other hand, there’s a wide variety of gel nail types of choose from. Some are very thin and natural looking while other are harder and glossier. Still, in the USA, acrylics are more popular so it can be harder to find a good gel nail salon.

  • Conclusions

Given the facts presented above, we believe that gel nail enhancements win the gel nails vs. acrylic nails debate. While they may be a little more expensive than acrylics, they don’t damage the nails too much, the manicure procedure does not cause toxic fumes and they look a lot more natural.

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