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Gel Nail Art

20 Nov Gel Nails

Gel nails have moved way beyond a fashion trend and have turned into actual art. The internet is full of sophisticated designs which can make any nails look precious. Whether you want to improve your manicure skills or you are interested in starting a business in this field, there are a couple of things that you need to know about gel nail art. Here are the main ingredients which guarantee a successful gel nail manicure.

  • Passion

Women who make gel nail art do it because they enjoy it. These are the women whose nails have always looked spotless, even when they are teenagers. These women love experimenting with their nails in order to create sophisticated designs. If the manicure is usually a burden to you, then we advise you to stick to the saloon instead of investing in a gel nail kit.

  • Meticulousness and creativity

Gel nail art, as all other forms of art, requires an obsessive attention to details as well as a lot of patience. A lot of women think that this is a hobby which can easily turn in a successful business. However, in order to be truly successful in this field, you need to be very meticulous and creative enough to always come up with original designs.

  • Supplies

If you think that you have a talent for nail art and you want to extend your skill belong classic nail polish, you should buy a get nail kit. The kit contains an UV lamp, nail extensions and a couple of nail gels. Before trying to create gel nail art, you should first learn the basics of this type of manicure. Once you learn how to use your supplies, you can try out some designs.

  • Business opportunities

When it comes to beauty, women are prepared to invest as much money as it takes in order to look fabulous. The prices for gel nails start from 30 dollars but can go as high as a couple of hundred dollars. A wise and talented women can take advantage of these career opportunities in order to turn her passion into a money making endeavor. Usually the more sophisticated a design is, the more expensive the gel manicure will be. A new celebrity trend involves using precious gems and metals in the gel manicure. For example, Rihanna once wore a 24 carat gold manicure which cost her $5000 dollars. The exorbitant price is rather small compared to diamond manicures which can be as expensive as $250 000 dollars. You can imagine that the supplies for these manicures are the main factor which influence the manicure prices. However, rest assured that famous nail artists also make a lot of money.

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