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Essential Nail Manicure Supplies

14 Nov Your Manicure

All women want to have beautiful nails but not everybody has the time and money for that. Doing your own manicure can be time consuming whilst going to a salon is a luxury that not all women can afford. However, a nail manicure can be cheap and long lasting if you do it right. You start by gathering your nail supplies. You may think that the only things a manicure requires are nail polish, a nail clipper and a nail file. However, if you want to have a perfect manicure which lasts more than two days you need to stock your manicure kit. If you have all the proper tools and you follow the simple steps presented bellow, you manicure could last up to ten days.

  • Tools for cleaning the nails

In order to clean the nails, you need nail polish remover, cotton balls, cotton buds and a nail brush. The nail brush is used to clean the dirt under the nails. It is advised that you dive your nails in warm water before getting started with the manicure. This way the dead skin will be softened so it will be easier to remove. You can also use a body exfoliant on the hands in order to clean them of all dead skin cells.

  • Tools for shaping the nails

The nail clipper is the most common tool for cutting nails and it can be very useful when you are in a hurry. However, in our experience you can get more precise results if you use nail scissors because they can get in the harder to reach places in order to cut the small edges. Once you trim the nails, you need to use a nail file in order to polish the edges. This way, you will be able to shape them and you will avoid future nail cracks. The nail buffer is optional for most people but it is actually very useful. It has a soft grid which polishes the surface of the nail, thus adding some gloss to the nails.  Some people use the buffer when they want to give the nails a rest from nail polish because the buffer makes the nails so glossy that it almost looks as if you are wearing transparent nail polish. However, if you use the buffer every time you do your nail manicure, the glossy surface of the nails will make the nail polish last longer.


In order to take care of the cuticles, you need a cuticle oil or cream, as well as a wooden stick (preferably orange wood). Apply the oil in order to soften the cuticles and use the stick in order to push them upwards.

Nail polish

Some people prefer to buy expensive nail polish but the cheap ones can be just as good if you apply them in a proper manner. The trick is to apply 4 layers of polish: you start with a transparent one followed by two layers of colored nail polish and another finishing transparent layer. Make sure that you let each layer dry before applying the new one. If you want to work like a pro you can use base coats and top coats instead of the transparent nail polish. The base coat is particularly useful because it helps the nail polish stick to the nail while also protecting the nails from the damaging effects of the nail polish.

Additional nail manicure supplies

The nail supplies presented above should be found in the homes of all women because they are essential beauty tools. However, there are many more other tools which can come in handy in certain situations such as: cuticle clipper, french manicure nail guides and numerous nail straightening oils and growth stimulators. There are also a lot of stickers and accessories that you can use in order to decorate your nails.

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