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Draw your nails inspiration from small printed birthday ribbons

Women love beautiful nails! We all adore the sensation we have when we come back from the beauty parlour and gaze down at our stunning nails painted with all of the colours and patterns ever invented. Regardless if we love natural nails or acrylic ones, short and chic nails or long and sensual ones, classic manicure or even the baldest of patterns, there is nothing compared to the sensation we have when we achieve the desired look. But, as many ladies can confirm, after years and years of getting our nails done it might just happen that we run out of inspiration as to what pattern or colour combination to use anymore. This is normal and it can happen to anyone. As a matter of fact, it does happen with an incredible frequency even to the top nail experts working in professional salons. But if they can figure out a solution and come up with exciting, interesting and appealing new patterns all the time, then why can’t you? The answer lies in discovering where to get that inspiration from and where to draw the basic ideas for your nail patterns from in the future, so that you never run out of fresh new styles to try. And this is where the small printed birthday ribbons come in handy so much so stick with us and you will find out more!

Did you know that ribbons can be custom printed and personalized nowadays? Were you aware of the fact that all of the major ribbon manufactures have implemented incredible online platforms where they showcase their merchandise and allow users to see all of the possibilities they have to offer? From large ribbons to small ones, from simple dots to intricate patterns and even different textures of the fabric, there is such a wide array of options that you won’t help but become inspired right away. Add to this the fact that the galleries of images on these dedicated websites are truly impressive, showing all of the ribbons for sale in the most beautiful and artistic manners. Look at the colours used and find your creative spirit amongst the myriad of options and alternatives. There is nothing more uplifting and dreamlike for a woman than to become lost in a reverie of beautifully crafted and impeccably executed ribbon ideas, ideas which can be transposed in all aspects of life, such as nail decorating in our case.


Never again look at your nails with fear and boredom because you are unable to choose what patterns to paint on next! From now on, just a sneak peak at your favourite ribbon provider’s website and you are ready to start designing. Not to mention that the prices on these websites are incredibly low so if you have a nail salon or wish to open one, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to order some of the unique ribbon hanks and use them as actual décor for your establishment. Or you can even create a catalogue with cut-outs of different ribbons for your clients to see and choose from. Just let your imagination run free!

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