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DIY French Manicure

The French manicure is probably the most sophisticated nail design. It is very simple yet it takes a certain amount of skill in order for it to look perfect. In this article we will provide some simple DIY French manicure instructions. We will include multiple suggestions in order for you to find the easiest way to do your manicure.

  • 1. Get your supplies

The supplies for the DIY French manicure differ depending on each person. For example, if you have steady nails and you are skilled with the nail polish brush, you only need nail polish. On the other hand if your hands tend to tremble and you are not very skilled in the art of manicure, you will obtain better results if you use nail guides ( smiley shaped strips which you apply above the white tip of the nail in order to effortlessly create the French design) or at least some scotch tape.

  • 2. Trim your nails

The French manicure works both on square nail tips as well as on round hones. In the last years, round nails have been more popular than the square nails. They are more delicate and they work for all nail sizes. Square nails on the other hand, can make the nails seem wider and less delicate. Furthermore, they are harder to maintain since the square edges are more likely to crack.

  • 3. Prepare your nails

In order for the French manicure to last longer, you need to prepare your nails before applying the nail polish. We advise you to buy a quality nail buffer which has 4 types of grits. Start with the roughest grid and finish with the softest one. This process will make your nails smooth and uniform thus making the nail polish last longer. Once your nails are smooth and glossy, apply a base coat. The purpose of a base coat is to protect your nails and make the nail polish adhere better to the nails. You can also use a transparent nail polish. It won’t be as efficient but it will be better than nothing.

  • 4. Varnish the tips

If you will use your bare hands, all you have to do is varnish the tip of the nail with a white nail polish. The white polish should cover the natural white side on your nails. You can make your nails look longer if you apply the nail polish a few millimeters above the white part. The most common type of French manicure is the one shaped like a smiley face which covers the white nail tips. However, you can also try a V-shape French. This will make your nails look longer and it is a nice change from the classic model. If you use nail guides, you need to stick them on the nail, above the tips. Once you do that, it will be easier to obtain that perfect smiley face. The problem with the nail guides is that they don’t always perfectly stick to the nails which sometimes makes the nail polish infiltrate beneath the guide, thus ruining the model. Scotch tape on the other hand is a lot stickier. However, it is more time consuming since you would have to trim the scotch in the half-moon shape.

  • 5. Finishing touches

A lot of people prefer the French Manicure to have a transparent finish instead of a semi-transparent, beige or fade pink finish. This is a matter of choice. A French manicure can look good no matter what type of finish you choose; just make sure that the white tips are visible enough. A perfect DIY french manicure also requires a finishing coat in order for the manicure top last longer but you can use a transparent nail polish instead.

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