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Becoming a nail technician: make your dream come true

03 Mar Beauty


Whether you loved the idea of painting nails as a child or you believe that working in a beauty salon can help you achieve your financial independence as an adult, becoming a nail technician involves more than just playing with colors. Each client has different requests, from trimming and polishing nails to fixing broken nails and applying nail extensions. Furthermore, you have to provide treatment for the cuticles and the required shape for the nails. If you have a natural talent, you can even create freehand designs on your client’s nails. This will put that original factor into your work. As a nail technician, you have to deal with people on a daily basis meaning that your communication skills must be on point. Do not bombard your clients with technical details because you will bore them to death, except for those people who show a clear interest in the beauty industry. You have to listen to your client’s needs in order to offer the best service.

Education, licensing and certification

Unfortunately, being a social and talented person is not enough to become a professional nail technician. You need education, licensing and certification. Attending a beauty school becomes imperative for receiving adequate training and extending your knowledge in the field. These types of schools provide lessons that have the purpose to inform you about hand and nail care. You will have the opportunity to learn so much, from maintaining an excellent condition of your clients’ hands and performing manicures to creating gel nails and acrylics. You also benefit from nail artistry lessons. Each state demands completing a certain number of courses in order to become a nail technician. Except Connecticut, all states require licensing and having over 16 or 17 years of age. Once again, the state dictates the requirements and guidelines that you need to follow. If you are from New York, then you will probably have to pass both a written and practical exam.

As a nail technician, your future is bright

Since you aspire to become a nail technician, you probably wonder about the carrier opportunities available for the future. However, if you become an expert in the industry, you no longer have to worry about employment because everyone will be happy to hire you in his or her nail or hair salon, spa, resort, cruise ship and personal care store. The beauty industry opens many doors; it all depends on your level of knowledge and experience. Of course, you can only accumulate experience after years of working in beauty salons. In your case, having as many clients as possible may be tiring, but also very useful because it helps you improve your communication skills and master your technique. You can even your own beauty salon where you will have your own employees. This really shows that you succeeded in this industry and that you have the makings of an entrepreneur. There is nothing wrong with wanting to evolve. In fact, this should be your main objective from the start.

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